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I just really love trains.

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Around the Neighborhood
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i've been taking the 7 out to jackson heights 2x a week for physical therapy and i must say, i do enjoy it a ton. its far better than riding the j train outdoors just over the williamsburg bridge, although that can be nice at times. this is a great shot - what stop is it?
It's funny, but I think I've taken the J train about once, maybe twice in my life. I'm never in Brooklyn, although I know I should probably take a train ride out there one day, just for the fuck of it.

The photo was snapped at the 82nd St train station. All along the 7 train line, there are some great views of Manhattan and just overall nice Queens-esque scenery.

Side question - why are you in physical therapy?
heh, i get off the 82nd st stop to get to physical therapy. i used to live in jackson heights till about the age of 7 and its a little strange to spend the more time there the past two weeks than i have in maybe the last 10 years of my life. what makes it so strange is that it's all so familiar after so long - the buster brown on uhh...that avenue i think 37th? is still around which i find crazy cause i remember having my mom buy me shoes there and specifically - the mouse ride out front. i also quite enjoy eating empanadas and green mango on the street cause, well those are things i never get to do anymore. anywho- i am in physical therapy for my ankle (which i have twisted 3 times december) in order for it to heal properly and not just twist again and become a big fat stupid issue all over again!
hehe your listening to Metallica thats just classic
I love this! ALthough the bright spot of light (the orange) does marr it a little, in a way. But it's amazing. I love photos like that.
Thank you so much! I debated about removing the sun spot and then ultimately decided not too, but you are right in that it does take away from the photo a bit.

Thank again for your comment!